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Aug 03

Completing old relationships

Quote from the book: ” Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” by Raoult Bertrand Completing old relationships One of the most useful times to have a Heart Awakening session is after the break-up of a relationship. Sessions leave no place for the ego to hide. Any unresolved aspect of a relationship …

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May 23

Heart Awakening energy healing strengthens the will to love

I want to discuss a particular type of  energy healing session in the aura that helps a person strenghen their  ability to love. When a person comes for a private heart awakening session, we  are often working on  key issues around their  ability  to love and be loved.  This could relate to a specific personal relationship, a family member, …

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May 03

Divine intelligence, will and love

Divine Intelligence    Divine Will Divine Love These are the three tools that your consciousness  uses to create your reality. Observe  how you and others think and speak.  Are these three in balance?  Reflect on  each one. What is the difference between  intelligence and Divine Intelligence, will and Divine Will, love and Divine Love? Each has a …

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