Aug 09

The Law of Volitionality-The Second Tenet

The second tenet, the law of Volitionality, states that if you seriously intend to evolve , and you aspire to become spiritually enlightened, you must be willing to take absolute responsibility  for your own self. Once you have asked yourself ” what is more important that anything else ?”and your intention is clear, the question arises. How do I align myself  with that intention?  If you have decided you want to evolve – emotionally, psychologically, morally , and spiritually – then in order to make that possible, you have to find  a way to align the choices you are making and the actions you are taking  with that stated intention. In this teaching, the way that alignment occurs, the way you translate intention into action is through embracing the law of volitionality. And that simply means that you take responsibility  for all the choices that you make, consciously or unconsciously. We all have the power of free agency. We all have the freedom to choose . There may often be all kinds of conflicting  forces within yourself in order to follow through on your intention. Even if you are not always aware of it , you are a chooser , and if you want to evolve spiritually , you as the chooser  have to take the responsibility for the choices  that you  make and the actions that you  take. The way the second tenet works is simply through your choosing to take responsibility for the divided  condition on you own self – to take responsibility  for every part of yourself that doesn’t want to evolve. For most of us, anti-evolutionary impulses will always be present to some degree. The self-system is by its nature a messy, chaotic, complex structure, There are many streams that come together to make up our own subjective self -sense : biological instincts, cultural conditioning, personal history, and perhaps even karmic imprints of previous lifetimes. There are the countless fears and desires of the individual and collective ego, and there is the fearless creative passion of the authentic self.  But what makes it possible for you to take responsibility  for all of those dimensions of yourself is the trans formative recognition that you are always choosing. No matter what has happened to you in the past , you are making conscious and unconscious chaos in every moment that determine what kind of person you are, what actions you will take, and what impact you will have on the world around you. Through the practice of the second tenet, when it is clearly aligned with the first tenet, your life can become an expression of wholeness, an actual manifestation of an integrated self. Through the power of intention and choice, you can get a messy, complex, divided self-system to demonstrate a higher integration. No matter how chaotic and conflicted your inner experience may be , you will be able to achieve this-if it is important enough to you . But in order to manifest that rare degree of liberated wholeness , must actively take responsibility, right now, for everything you are doing in the present moment and for everything you have done in the past. The fact is that there are few human beings who truly aspire to be that responsible for themselves. Most of us prefer to see ourselves as victims of the forces within and without. Of course, we have all, in one way or another, been victims or events or circumstances that were beyond or control, and we all inevitably bear the emotional and psychological scars. It’s not possible for us to take responsibility for what has already happened to us, but we do have the wherewithal to take responsibility for the consequences of those events. There are all kinds of conditioned responses that arise as a result of past wounds and traumas – often these manifest as irrational fears, unfounded aggression, or misplaced resentment. As long as you allow yourself to feel victimized by these conditioned responses, it is inevitable that sooner or later you are going to wound and traumatize others. That is how what is traditionally called karma is created. Karma is created every time you act out of unconsciousness, ignorance, and selfishness in ways that cause suffering to others. And for most of us, karma is a powerful force – the accumulated momentum of literally countless such actions. But when you embrace the law of volitionality, and take unconditional responsibility for all of your own choices, you finally begin to take your karma on your shoulders. You bear it so that noone else has to suffer its consequences. Heroically, you choose to liberate the world from your own fear, aggression , and resentment. – and most importantly, empower the best part of yourself. If you care about the evolution of consciousness ,  embracing this tenet wholeheartedly frees you from the past, enabling you to consciously participate in creating the future. Like the first tenet, the second tenet, is very simple, but it is ultimately challenging for the self. In evolutionary enlightenment, we are not asking god to save us, we are stepping forward and saying ” I am an  authentic self, the creative principle, the god impulse,  I am going to be the one who will take responsibility for creating the future. ” That’s a very bold step to take. The Authentic self has no past, it has no karma, it has ever been wounded or traumatized by anything that has happened to the historical personality in time. But in order to be a vessel for that liberated creative person, you must be practicing the second tenet to such a degree that the conditioned and irrational responses of your own ego are always contained . Then the multidimensional, chaotic complex structure of energy consciousness and contradictory impulses that you are will become the  expression of an integrated self. – a self that not only ceases to create karma but begins to generate an entirely new spiritually empowered momentum