Private Healing Sessions

raoult with client healing

The Heart Awakening session is a powerful process of reintroducing soul level awareness into our daily lives. A session introduces the heart’s perception of the truth. The aura becomes clear; energy is raised, and harmony is restored to the many layers of our multidimensional selves. The intention is always to support people in achieving their heart’s desires.

Sessions are directed and guided by Spirit, as free as possible of the personality of the Heart Awakener. Indeed, the nature of the work is such that the heart cannot be fully opened unless Spirit does the work. Sessions focus on healing the relationship with the Divine. This, for all of us, is our primary task in life.

Heart Awakening sessions bring people into their heart space and thus are a valuable means of helping people to feel closer to God. Sessions are often an initiation into a full spiritual awakening. Since Love heals all, Heart Awakening sessions provide a powerful means for healing any situation usually permanently. When the intent is pure, the healing is permanent.


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Why a session?

Would you like to: Access your inner guidance? Actualize your heart’s desires? Enhance your self worth? Find your soul’s purposes? Restore your physical vitality and wellness? Deepen your relationship with the Divine? Develop loving relationships with self, family and others? Have more abundance prosperity and in your life? Clear unwanted emotions? Bring more love into …

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Heart Awakening Process

All perception other than through the heart is an illusion. ________________________________________ Heart Awakening is an expression and extension of connecting with the Divine. It is not as much a technique as a journey in which the deepest level of healing can take place. In this approach, each person becomes his or her own healer. The …

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