Aug 05

An opportunity for self healing

Quote from the book:  ” Heart Awakening – Your  Path to Unconditional Love and Healing

An opportunity for self healing

Spirit’s perspective within a relationship is more about resolving differences and coming into the heart than with creating separation. When the ego has said “enough,” there is usually an important lesson to be learned. Often what surfaces is the core pattern most needing release. We tend to break off a relationship when things get rough because the ego thinks ending the relationship will solve the problem. Whether the relationship is continued or completed, Spirit’s intention is for the two people involved to experience unconditional Love for one another. The desire to end a relationship is a function of not being able to see or understand the issues being reflected. The willingness to look at what is creating the desire to separate is actually a great gift and an opportunity for self-healing. If not taken advantage of, it will trigger more relationship problems in the future. ~Raoult

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