Life of a Heart Awakener

The Heart Awakener’s journey is equivalent
to the path that one has traveled
getting into one’s heart,
because all the knowledge gained
about how to get into one’s own heart
is what is used to serve others.

The work of the Heart Awakener
begins to be feasible when the partnership
with the Divine has been earned.
This happens when sufficient spiritual practice,
prayer and meditation,
has been done so there is a knowingness
that what is asked for in prayer
can be received.

The challenge of the Heart Awakener
is to stay joyful, to continually let go
and stay in a state of trust,
forbearance and knowingness
that all will unfold perfectly –
simply by holding the knowing
of the inherent perfection within all things.
Indeed, that is the job.

This becomes a process of anchoring, saying:
“I know there is a Divine Perfection
manifesting itself through all of life.
I stand as a representative of that energy,
and I express myself from it.
I help others come to that same understanding
and that same awareness.”

This is the life of a Heart Awakener.