What is Heart Awakening


Heart Awakening began in 1987, when Raoult realized his spiritual self would only unfold if he lived as a connection with the Divine. This is based on his journey, which showed that truth can only be perceived through the heart.

Heart Awakening is a unique healing modality offering the opportunity to heal your relationship with the Divine. Other forms of healing may heal symptoms and/or re-program the personality, Heart Awakening is an actual experience of Divine love in you.

Heart Awakening ends the sense of separation from your Divine Self, allowing you to see and experience that you have never been separate, and couldn’t be separate. Moving through the layers of your unresolved emotional issues that caused the feeling of separation, you reconnect with your true self and get back to the love.

Heart Awakening raises your vibratory level and restores your connection with inner guidance, with discernment through the heart. Perceiving the universal truth within any situation, you can then express yourself from a place of unconditional love and unlimited knowledge.

For this, you must clear out old negative emotional patterns, including irrational fears, which block guidance. Heart Awakening integrates the Divine Self with the personality self, so you can maintain a high level of balance and stability within your energy fields.

Heart Awakening activates the Divine Mind, that part of you that knows all things, and has been present since the soul’s journey began. As key relationships and life events are seen through the heart, you will experience a profound shift of identity to the Divine within. Knowing that God is love and this love is within becomes living reality. You experience unconditional love for self and awaken the capacity of unconditional love for others. This is a process of transforming unresolved emotional issues into deep love for humanity.

Heart Awakening brings universal life force energy through every cell of your being. You begin the process of transmuting your body into a vehicle of light and open up the capacity to receive guidance and information directly from God. Detoxification of the body, release of emotional pain, and mastery of your life are the results.

While words like “God” and other spiritual language are used, it is important to note that they are not used in the religious sense and do not require adherence to or belief in any particular religious belief system.


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