Upcoming Events


QIGONG ENHANCER SEMINAR  –  At the Antoinette Hotel, Wimbledon 

SATURDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2014   2:45  for 3pm – 6:30pm

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MERKABAH SEMINAR  –  Join us for this very special and divine class at the Antoinette Hotel, Wimbledon   

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14th 2014  3-6:30pm (with a tea break)

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heart in hands event calendar

Please join us for our upcoming workshops! Stay tuned for future dates…


Are you ready to?

-Access your inner guidance

-Actualize your heart’s desires and soul’s purpose

-Enhance your self- worth…

-Restore your physical vitality and wellness

-Deepen your relationship with the Divine

-Develop loving relationships with self, family and others

-Have more abundance prosperity and in your life

-Clear unwanted emotions

-Break a habit/pattern and enjoy a fresh start in your daily life

-Heal a crisis or trauma

-Heal your inner child

-Expand compassion and love in your healing or therapy practice

-Find a fulfillment that you never knew existed


Heart Awakening is a powerful spiritual healing art designed to help you experience soul level awareness through an open heart. Raoult will introduce you to these enFOL_largeergiesand guide you through a special meditation whose purpose is to bring you into the divine expression of creative love.