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What Is Heart Awakening?

Heart Awakening began in 1987, when Raoult realized his spiritual self would only unfold if he lived as a connection with the Divine. This is based on his journey, which showed that truth can only be perceived through the heart.

Heart Awakening is a unique healing modality offering the opportunity to heal your relationship with the Divine. Other forms of healing may heal symptoms and/or re-program the personality, Heart Awakening is an actual experience of Divine love in you.

Heart Awakening ends the sense of separation from your Divine Self, allowing you to see and experience that you have never been separate, and couldn’t be separate. Moving through the layers of your unresolved emotional issues that caused the feeling of separation, you reconnect with your true self and get back to the love.

Heart Awakening raises your vibratory level and restores your connection with inner guidance, with discernment through the heart. Perceiving the universal truth within any situation, you can then express yourself from a place of unconditional love and unlimited knowledge.

For this, you must clear out old negative emotional patterns, including irrational fears, which block guidance. Heart Awakening integrates the Divine Self with the personality self, so you can maintain a high level of balance and stability within your energy fields.

Heart Awakening activates the Divine Mind, that part of you that knows all things, and has been present since the soul’s journey began. As key relationships and life events are seen through the heart, you will experience a profound shift of identity to the Divine within. Knowing that God is love and this love is within becomes living reality.

You experience unconditional love for self and awaken the capacity of unconditional love for others. This is a process of transforming unresolved emotional issues into deep love for humanity.

Heart Awakening brings universal life force energy through every cell of your being, you begin the process of transmuting your body into a vehicle of light and open up the capacity to receive guidance and information directly from God (Source). Detoxification of the body, release of emotional pain and mastery of your life finally become possible.

While words like “God” and other spiritual language are used, it is important to note that they are not used in the religious sense and do not require adherence to or belief in any particular religious belief system.

Heart Awakening Session

The Heart Awakening session is a powerful process of releasing the congestion of thought patterns that are reflected as blocks in the auric field and chakra system. A session undoes the tangles that block the heart’s perception of the truth. The aura becomes clear; energy is raised, and harmony is restored to the electrical bodies. The intention is always to support people in achieving their heart’s desires.

Sessions are directed and guided by Spirit, as free as possible of the personality of the Heart Awakener. Indeed, the nature of the work is such that the heart cannot be fully opened unless Spirit does the work. Sessions focus on healing the relationship with the Divine. This, for all of us, is our primary task in life.

Heart Awakening sessions bring people into their heart space and thus are a valuable means of helping people to feel closer to God. Sessions are often an initiation into a full spiritual awakening. Since Love heals all, Heart Awakening sessions provide a powerful means for healing any situation usually permanently. When the intent is pure, the healing is permanent.

The Process

Heart Awakening is an expression and extension of connecting with the Divine. It is not a technique, but a journey in which the deepest level of healing can take place.  In this approach, each person becomes his or her own healer.  As the Heart Awakener, you act as a mirror, catalyst and guide, combining deep unconditional love and intuitive guidance to reveal the underlying Divine perfection of the individual and everything they have ever experienced.

1.       Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

The purpose of the intuitive counseling portion of a Heart Awakening session is to establish rapport and trust so that your client feels safe enough to reveal what they most want to focus on in their session. The more focused the intention, the easier it is to achieve results. An example would be unresolved relationship issues, recurring unwanted mental and emotional patterns, finances, spirituality, career decisions or any situation that needs to be seen through the heart.

As the Heart Awakener, you tune in to see how to prepare the client to get the most out of the session. Finding out pertinent information that will make them feel comfortable is essential, for example knowing your client’s spiritual background and integrating it into the session. Also, spiritual principles may be shared to give a better understanding of a given situation.

2.       Prayer

In the opening prayer, the Heart Awakener fills the room with the presence of the Divine.  A vortex of sacred energy is created to link in all pertinent energies of the Light to assist in the cleansing and purifying of all levels of the individual’s being. This may include connecting with spiritual guides and teachers, the Archangels and the Holy Spirit. Being aware of how your client relates to Spirit and integrating it is always primary.

Spirit directs this prayer, not the personality. What is needed and intended for the individual is specifically asked for – i.e. that the breakthrough of all relevant issues be simple and powerful, a testimony to the presence of the Divine; that whatever patterns are no longer for one’s highest and best good may be shifted; that one’s heart be fully opened to receive the highest healing one is ready to receive.

The compassion and focused intention expressed by you as the Heart Awakener during this prayer sets into motion all that is needed to create whatever healing is most appropriate for your client.

3.       Energy Work in the Aura

An individual electromagnetic energy field consists of a grid of seven distinct auric layers connected with the seven major chakras. The outermost layers of the aura represent the higher mind, while the innermost layer represents the physical body. Traumas and deep-rooted negative emotional/mental patterns cause congestion, depletion, blocks, tears or scars in the auric layers, preventing a natural awareness of the inherent perfection within all life.

Central to the Heart Awakening process is sensing and clearing the blocks in the aura that represent deep-seated mental/emotional patterns. The purpose of the energy work is to untangle the congestion of thought forms that create these blockages so the underlying issues will surface in consciousness and be permanently released.  However, healing takes place through a flow of energy as guided by Spirit, not through a defined structure or process.

The energy work brings in a high level of pure, clean energy stronger than a person’s capacity to hold on to old issues. This energy filters through to all the layers of the electromagnetic body, naturally bringing joy to those areas that need it the most. Light is brought to old issues and they are permanently dissolved.

Spirit determines the Heart Awakener’s movements in the aura, and the higher mind directs the chi or life force energy, along with the appropriate colors or sound frequencies, to precisely where it is needed. Unconditional love is radiated as the Holy Spirit moves through, and healing is achieved.

This experience of gentle, loving energy work in the aura is unique to Heart Awakening. The process triggers the memory of one’s spiritual “home” and of the unconditional love and caring that is one’s birthright.  When this memory comes to the surface of the conscious mind, emotional scars and traumas, lifelong problems, fear and negative patterns begin to melt away in the all-consuming warmth and Divine love that created us all.

4.       The Breakthrough

Heart Awakening combines auric energy work and the application of key spiritual principles to bridge the spiritual and psychotherapeutic process. This enables a much deeper level of healing than would otherwise be possible. Energy work alone would not necessarily complete the healing process, because the underlying mental/emotional patterns would not be understood and released by the individual, and could be re-created later. Therefore, for complete resolution of a person’s core issues it is often necessary for the soul to travel back through the original incidents that caused the separation and perceive how the Divine was present and operating, even in the most painful of circumstances.

Working from a state of Oneness, as the Heart Awakener, you resonate with the soul frequency of the individual receiving the session. In a deep soul-to-soul connection, guided by Spirit, you will see the truth of a person’s situation and help him or her complete unresolved issues in a continuous flow of love that reaches deeply into the heart.

Feeling safe and surrounded by unconditional love, the individual sees that it is at last possible to let go of the suffering and pain.  Once these issues are released in a session, they never return, being replaced by a deepening capacity to love oneself and live life to the fullest.

A key part of the breakthrough is in the completing of key relationships – past, current or deceased. Your closest relationships are often the source of greatest heartache. The impact of these relationships remains in the emotional body, beyond the awareness of the individual, until the heart awakens. Then you are able to see the underlying perfection within every person and every situation, and fully accept your own Divine nature. In the energy of the Divine, real forgiveness can take place at last.

The full impact of the Heart Awakening session happens only through Grace. This occurs when your personality is willing and ready to adjust its perception, so your true self can be reclaimed.

Your client’s personality may feel as if it is going through its death throes before surrendering and may express unresolved emotional dramas until it finally realizes it is holding on to nothing. In that moment, the genuineness of surrender happens, the presence of God reveals itself, and a full-blown Heart Awakening is at hand.

Heart Awakening Curriculum

The duration of the course and the establishment of the curriculum are based on hundreds of years of combined teaching experience in the spiritual energy healing arts. The five-day courses are designed to safely awake the spiritual energies in the emotional, mental, physical, and soul force energies of Self in a natural spiraling progression of quarterly cycles. This provides a balanced and stable structure for the development and mastery of each person’s healing gifts.

For those who prefer, each individual five-day course may be taken separately. This allows students to obtain their Certification over a longer period of time or to repeat classes in order to enhance skills in their area of choice.

The progression of the program is based on an ancient American Indian teaching that provides a roadmap for the natural development of spiritual gifts where an “ascended state” of consciousness may be attained and maintained.  Consequently, the 500-hour course program is presented as a series of three circular movements of the wheels of life that overlay each other to form an ascension spiral. Each class has an intent and focus that clears the past cycles and raises the spiritual vibration, thereby gaining vision and guidance about how to live in the next cycle at a higher level of energy.

Three-Year Spiral

In the Self-Healing program, movement on the wheel of life begins in the South, the place of emotions. This is a foundation class called “Heart Awakening I,” which introduces the Heart Awakening session process as an emotional healing art. The movement then steps into the North, the place of the Mind. During the class “Soul Healing I,” the mysteries of the Heart Awakening breakthrough are revealed. Students sharpen their intuition and learn the style of verbal and non-verbal channeling that clears issues and opens the heart. The third class “Energy Healing,” deals with the West, the place of the physical body.

Here the focus is shifting from identifying ourselves as a physical body into learning to experience ourselves as a living field of energy.  The art of auric healing is introduced. The fourth class, “Spiritual Healing” opens up the levels of love where the depths of your relationship with pure Spirit is experienced and understood.

All four of these aspects are catalyzed by our soul force energy, the practical experiential knowledge that is learned during the “Energy Cultivation” portion of each class, where students learn how to ground and sensitize themselves to the many facets of the life force energies.

During the Healer Practitioner and Spiritual Mastery programs the spiral is repeated. In addition, during Spiritual Mastery, there is an added movement designed to accelerate the development of an individual’s healing gifts. This is known as the Teacher’s or Akhenaten’s Wheel.

The full program lasts three years and will remain organic and fluid, responsive to the needs of the moment and will provide everything you need to become a Certified Heart Awakening Practitioner maintaining your own healing practice. In addition to these highlights, each five-day course will include a series of Heart Awakening sessions.

Course Descriptions


Heart Awakening’s self-healing program is designed to provide students all they need to accomplish their own self healing and to give Heart Awakening sessions, with a free-flowing, intuitive expression. The curriculum involves experiential training in all the different areas that form the Heart Awakening process. Although students progress at different rates, by the end of the year, a student should feel confident in giving a quality Heart Awakening session to friends and family, and perhaps on a part-time professional basis as a “student in training.”



This is the foundation course where the basics of Heart Awakening are introduced and the new paradigm is adjusted and integrated into the emotional body.

Topics include:

What is Heart Awakening?

Spiritual principles of Heart Awakening.

Opening and closing the session.


The Holy Spirit.

Merkaba & the Hologram of Love.

Counseling – listening, determining Spirit’s agenda, setting the  intention.

Energy Healing – the basics: sensitizing, scanning, redistributing, clearing, transmitting, stabilizing and sealing the aura.

Breakthrough – the basics.

Sacred Names of God.

The 12 aspects of Self .

The 10 spiritual gifts.

Working with the ascended masters.

Overview of all three programs.


The channeling process as it applies to Heart Awakening differs from ordinary channeling in that its intent is to bring through a depth and quality of Spirit’s energy and wisdom that effects emotional and soul level healing at the deepest level.

Topics include:

Development of intuition.

Verbal & non-verbal channeling.

Perceiving the Divine within self and others.

Channeling a Heart Awakening breakthrough.

Channeling Spirit’s perspective.

Channeling for the Holy Spirit.

Channeling the higher self.

Attuning to a breakthrough.

Principles of a breakthrough.

Structure of a breakthrough.

Strategies of a breakthrough.


The third movement is in the West, and deals with the shift of identification of self from a physical body into a living dynamic energy field. This class deals with how to work in the auric field in order to achieve psychological balance and harmony for self and others.

Topics include:

Mind intent and energy healing.

Energy hygiene for healers.

The “flow” of auric healing.

Sensitizing, scanning, clearing, transmitting.

Working with the earth force.

Working with the God force.

Balancing and redistributing energy in the aura.


The fourth movement is in the East and develops our co-creative partnership with Spirit.

Topics include:

Shifting into the new paradigm.

5th dimensional chakra rotation.

Devas and elementals.

Spirit and spiritual principles.

Development of your relationship with Spirit.

Healing of own aura, life situations, and other people with Spirit.

Physical, emotional, mental, and absentee healing with Spirit.

Working with guides/ masters and teachers on the inner planes.

Eye of Horus.


The intent of the healer practitioner program of the Heart Awakening training is to train the student in developing the skills to become a professional Heart Awakener. While maintaining the ongoing focus of building and developing the energy, the teachings move into a more technical understanding of the work. The key areas covered are gone into greater depth. The student moves into a professional level of skill by virtue of their ability to effectively bring a person into the direct experience of God’s love.


Topics include:

Getting into the love.

Seeing the love.

Staying in the love.

Speaking & listening from the love.

Knowing the love and breathing it.

Channeling the love. Loving God.



Topics include:

Channeling and Counseling.

Channeling a Heart Awakening Breakthrough.

Channeling Voice and Energy.

Channeling from Different Levels of Consciousness.



Topics include:

Chakras – front/back, elliptical, reverse, counter/clockwise.

Clearing & dissolving negative energy during and after sessions.

Energy healing of emotional patterns held in the aura.

Opening the channels:  Central, front, back, right, left.

The seven layers in the aura.

Clearing blocks & tears in the aura.

Shunting to clear negative energy.

Healing the “unhealable’ issues through repairing auric damage.


Topics include:

Self Healing.

Spirit’s agenda vs. personality’s agenda.

Holy Spirit.

Energy & thought. Projection.

Spiritual principles.

Relationship of form & formlessness.

Spirit’s agenda for relationships.

Acceptance. Present moment.

Relationship with the Divine.

Divine love vs. personal love.

Cellular & DNA rejuvenation.


The Spiritual Mastery ‘program’ is not intended to be a traditional program, rather it is a group effort to bring forth the vision and wisdom of the Divine Plan for global healing. The traditional student-teacher relationship no longer applies, as students are encouraged to become teachers in their own right. The focus is on how to live in fields of unconditional love and avail the guidance of the Masters, so that we can learn how to fulfill the Divine Plan for healing on earth. The Divine Plan calls for nothing more than our ability to fully claim our power as Light Beings, both individually and in unity, which is the purpose of Spiritual Mastery.


Topics include:

The development and mastery of the I AM presence and Akhenaten’s Wheel.




Topics include:

Divine plan for global healing.

Constitution through unconditional love.

Divine perspectives on various segments of industry and society.

Structures of society for living in unconditional love.

Matrices of unconditional love.

Working with the Elders and the Councils of Law.

St. Germain and the I AM presence.

Relationship with God.

Decrees of God.

Freedom from global mind control.

Spiritual ascension.

Finding and clearing emotions in the aura. (Fear, anger, grief, love, joy, etc.)

Working with color to heal the aura.


The art of “Energy Cultivation” is taught and practiced daily to help students develop their own unique style of healing through their connection and experience of the universal life force energy. These classes are included in each five-day course offered at the school.




Topics include:



Spinal clearing.

Structural integrity.

The three planes.

Linking in and responding.

Energy conversion from one state to another.

Clearing of self.


Opening, clearing and energizing the channels:


Front/ back/right/left/central


After each class, assignments are given to help an individual practice the intentions underlying each course. In this way, a student can be assured they can integrate one level prior to moving onto the next level.

Heart Awakening School of Healing


The School of Healing faculty is led by founder Raoult Bertrand:

Raoult Bertrand was born in the United States, raised in England and France, and then pursued an entrepreneurial career in real estate and manufacturing in the United States.  Searching for answers, Raoult traveled extensively throughout the world while studying a variety of subjects including Native American traditions, Christianity, Taoism, Qigong, Yoga, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Geometry, Breathwork, Kinesiology, Spiritual healing and the science of Auric healing.  The Heart Awakening process was inspired by personal experience and evolved with the knowledge gained from working with clients.  It was reinforced through years of studying with many spiritual teachers. For the past twenty years, Raoult has reached thousands with his Heart Awakening sessions and workshops; and he founded the Heart Awakening School of Healing.

The Heart Awakening Lead Instructor is Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield grew up in a Pentacostal Methodist church in Michigan. He left the church out of high school with an intuitive knowing that there was more to spirituality than a      narrowly defined path but never turned his back on the idea that there is more than just our physical existence. Professionally he received a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan in 1994 and a Masters degree in Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2000. During this time he studied across religions with a focus on the many varieties of Pagan spirituality.  Mark was introduced to Heart Awakening in 1996 upon moving to Arizona and became a student in the three-year Heart Awakening program in 1997, completing that work at the same time he finished graduate school. Since that point his professional focus has been in cognitive behavioral therapy, integrating what he learned in Heart Awakening in his work with his clients. He has continued to study esoteric spirituality and a variety of energetic healing modalities over the past decade and finds the most personal resonance in Mystic Christianity, Buddhism, and Paganism.

Registration Information

Enrollment Requirements
The Helping Hands School of Healing is committed to keeping class sizes manageable so students can receive the maximum benefit from working directly with Raoult and the other faculty members. Therefore, we may not be able to accept every application. All candidates are asked to meet the following requirements before they can be accepted into the school:

  • Completed application and questionnaire specifically detailing other qualifications in healing therapies and a description of your personal journey.
  • Personal interview by the school staff.

It is required that each full-year enrolled student receives at least one Heart Awakening session from Raoult each year. An optional second session per year is available depending on each person’s individual needs.  In addition, each full-time student is required to receive a minimum of six personal transformational therapy sessions with an approved therapist of choice during each year of the program. This would preferably, but not necessarily, be a professional Certified Heart Awakening Practitioner.

General Requirements:
In order to receive the full benefit of the school program, students are required to attend all 12 courses in order to receive full healer member status with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Any prospective student who has extensive previous experience in Heart Awakening or in another healing technique is eligible to apply for an accelerated program, instead of the traditional program. Contact the school office for further information and a determination of status based on the documentation you have provided.

Tuition and Fees
Option One:
Tuition for one year (four courses) of the residential program is $3200.  Room and board is an additional $1200. This includes 16 nights of comfortable accommodations, based on double or triple occupancy in Cave Creek Arizona.  Private rooms are possible for an additional charge, subject to availability.  Also included are 20 days of three mostly vegetarian, gourmet meals. An additional $50 non-refundable application fee and a $100 book fee must be included with each application. A $2100 tuition deposit, a $100 book fee, and a $50 application fee are paid upon application to the program and must be postmarked 1 month prior to course start date. Applications post-marked after those dates for the full-year program are subject to a $200 late fee. The application and late fees are non-refundable. We will only refund your deposit if you are not accepted into the program. The balance of the full year’s tuition ($2300) is due the first day of class and is not refundable.

As a student in the Helping Hands School of Healing, you have the choice to register for the entire year at a time (four courses) or on an individual course basis. If you register for the entire year, you receive a discount of $600 on the cost of tuition.

Your agreement to become a student in this program is a serious financial, as well as personal commitment. As part of your application process, you are asked to sign a contract agreeing to pay the full amount of the year’s tuition.

It is school policy that students on the payment plan must keep their payments current at all times. Students who are not current with their tuition will not be permitted to enter the course.

Option Two:
If you desire to enroll in the program on an individual course basis, the tuition cost for one course is $950.  Room and board is an additional $300.  This includes four nights of spacious resort accommodations, based on double or triple occupancy.  Private rooms are possible for an additional charge, subject to availability.  Also included are five days of three mostly vegetarian, gourmet meals.  An additional $50 non-refundable registration fee and a $25 book fee must be included with each application.  The total cost to register for one course is $1325.

The tuition is paid upon registering for the course and must be postmarked one month in advance of the course start date.  Applications postmarked after those dates are subject to a $50 late fee. The registration and late fees are not refundable.

Every year, the program and its costs are reviewed and tuition may be increased accordingly.

Application Procedure

A separate Application package outlines the terms and conditions of the Heart Awakening School of Healing Programs. Please read carefully and return with your $50 non-refundable application fee as soon as possible.

To help us process your application, please answer all the questions on the accompanying Questionnaire – in writing – as fully as possible (it is helpful to respond in the form of a typed letter).

Once we have received your completed application with the fee, the school staff will review it and schedule an interview with you.  f you live out of state, we will try to accommodate you by scheduling a telephone interview. Only after your interview will a determination on your application be made.

Any prospective student who has extensive previous experience in Heart Awakening or in another healing technique is eligible to apply for an accelerated program, instead of the traditional program. Contact the school office for further information and a determination of status based on the documentation you have supplied.


Helping Hands of Maricopa County is a spiritual, educational, non-profit corporation. It does not discriminate in employment, admissions, testing, financial aid, or any other practice on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, age or disability, in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Tuition Sponsorship and Donations

For many years, the Heart Awakening programs have been subsidized by the generous donations of people who have been willing to support the students and see the work prosper.  If you are in need of tuition sponsorship, please ask. If you know someone who would be interested in making tax deductible donations in support of The Helping Hands of Maricopa County and/or tax deductible donations to sponsor all or part of one or more students’ tuition please let us know.

Heart Awakening and Your Spiritual Path

It has often been asked how Heart Awakening relates to spirituality and religion. Simply put, experiencing an open heart can only bring us closer to God. In most major religions the emphasis is on love. The focus of our work is to remove the barriers that separate and close our hearts. As our unresolved patterns are consciously dealt with, we move into a deeper expression of the essential Self.

Heart Awakening is not a religion. It recognizes and honors all religious paths as a means of establishing each person’s relationship to the Divine. Through communion with the Holy Spirit, Heart Awakening brings a person into the experience of Christ consciousness, which ultimately leads to oneness with the Father beyond all creation.

Thus, a person experiences the essence of the Trinity underlying all religions regardless of their background. From this state, an individual can bring to life the wisdom that is intended in his or her spiritual or religious path of choice.

In additional to universal spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric understanding, our faculty has extensive background in Christian, Judaic, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sufi, American Indian and other traditions.

The Life of a Heart Awakener

The Heart Awakener’s journey is equivalent
to the path that one has traveled
getting into one’s heart,
because all the knowledge gained
about how to get into one’s own heart
is what is used to serve others.

The work of the Heart Awakener
begins to be feasible when the partnership
with the Divine has been earned.
This happens when sufficient spiritual practice,
prayer and meditation,
has been done so there is a knowingness
that what is asked for in prayer
can be received.

The challenge of the Heart Awakener
is to stay joyful, to continually let go
and stay in a state of trust,
forbearance and knowingness
that all will unfold perfectly –
simply by holding the knowing
of the inherent perfection within all things.
Indeed, that is the job.

This becomes a process of anchoring, saying:
“I know there is a Divine Perfection
manifesting itself through all of life.
I stand as a representative of that energy,
and I express myself from it.
I help others come to that same understanding
and that same awareness.”

This is the life of a Heart Awakener.
And it is so.