Monthly Gatherings

gathering pic

You are invited to attend an informal monthly gathering at the Heart Awakening Healing Center in Cave Creek. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to explore the mysteries of using energy work in the aura to help deepen your awareness of the divine love within your own soul. It is the best way we have found to keep the Heart Awakening Community connected.  These will be fun days when we can share and learn together.

After introductions we start with a brief talk on a key spiritual principle underlying the Heart Awakening healing modality process.  There will also be a time for answering questions about the work or any issue you may be facing. Then everyone will get an opportunity to give and receive a healing session on the tables with guidance from certified Heart Awakeners. There will be two Heart Awakening session periods so everyone can have the experience of giving and receiving.

This is a non touch healing modality where the receiver lies on a massage table  and the giver stands at the table and works in the receivers’ energy field. The energy work in the aura will help you clear energies that no longer serve your ability to see, feel, and express from the divine love within yourself. A spiritual “breakthrough” portion then helps you ground and express the highest and most beneficial thoughts, feelings and energies that help deepen your capacity to love, to be loved, and to “see” life through an ever deepening open heart. The instructor(s) will provide directions on how to make the best of the opportunity to give and to receive Heart Awakenings.

This provides a good introduction to the work itself and allows you to see if this is something you might want to do as a profession. You are welcome to bring your friends to these special events. This group is ideal for anyone who is seeking to deepen their capacity to love as part of their spiritual growth.

Gatherings are generally held on the third Saturday of each month from 2.oo p.m.- 6.oo p.m. from October through May.

A $20 donation is requested

The gatherings will be held at 40103 N 54th St, Cave Creek, AZ

Please call Raoult at 480-488-1731 or Mark at 480-241-8119  to register or get directions.