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Heart Awakening Process

connect to divine

All perception other than through the heart is an illusion.

Heart Awakening is an expression and extension of connecting with the Divine. It is not as much a technique as a journey in which the deepest level of healing can take place. In this approach, each person becomes his or her own healer. The Heart Awakener acts as a mirror, catalyst and guide, combining deep unconditional love and intuitive guidance to reveal the underlying Divine perfection within an individual’s soul and everything they are here to experience.

1. Intuitive Spiritual Counseling
The purpose of the intuitive counseling portion of a Heart Awakening session is to introduce the principles that are necessary for a person to experience soul level awareness in their life. The more focused the intention, the easier it is to achieve results. Examples includes soul level perspectives on relationships, mental and emotional patterns, finances, spirituality, career decisions or any situation that needs to be seen through the heart. Exploring pertinent information that will make the receiver feel comfortable is essential, for example knowing your spiritual background and integrating it into the session. Also, spiritual principles may be shared to give a better understanding of a given situation. This is a time for the ego self to empty so that you can clear the path and get out of your own way.

2. Intention
In the opening intention, the Heart Awakener fills the room with the presence of Spirit. A vortex of sacred energy is created to link in all pertinent energies with universal fields to assist in reconnecting the God force to all levels of the individual’s being. This may include a genuine experience of the Father/Mother God, and Christ presence within. Awareness and respect for how you relate to Spirit is always primary. Spirit directs the intention. What is needed and intended for the individual is specifically asked for – i.e. that the breakthrough into the heart be simple and powerful, a testimony to the presence of the Divine; that whatever energies that are to be introduced are for one’s highest and best good; that one’s heart be fully opened to receive the highest healing one is ready to receive. The compassion and focused intention expressed by the Heart Awakener during this intent sets into motion all that is needed to create whatever healing is most appropriate for you at that time.

3. Energy Work
An individual energy field is connected to a Universal Energy Field. An individual electromagnetic energy field consists of a grid of seven distinct auric layers connected with the seven major chakras. The outermost layers of the aura represent the higher mind, while the innermost layers represents the physical body. Traumas and deep-rooted negative emotional/mental patterns cause congestion, depletion, blocks, tears or scars in the auric layers, preventing a natural awareness of the inherent perfection within all life. Central to the Heart Awakening process is sensing and clearing the blocks in the aura that represent deep-seated mental/emotional patterns. The purpose of the energy work is to untangle the congestion of thought forms that create these blockages so the underlying issues will surface in consciousness and be permanently released. However, healing takes place through a flow of energy as guided by Spirit, not through a defined structure or process.

The energy work brings in a high level of pure, clean energy strong enough to reconnect a person’s body, mind, and spirit. This energy filters through to all the different layers of the energy field, naturally bringing joy to those areas that need it the most. Light is brought to the nature of one’s own soul until a natural rebirth into our true heart and soul is experienced. Spirit determines the Heart Awakener’s movements in the aura, and the higher mind directs the chi or life force energy, along with the appropriate colors or sound frequencies, to precisely where it is needed. Unconditional love is radiated as Spirit moves through, and healing is achieved.This experience of gentle, loving energy work in the aura is unique to Heart Awakening. The process triggers the memory of one’s spiritual “home” and of the unconditional love and caring that is one’s birthright. As this memory comes to the surface of the conscious mind, emotional scars and traumas, lifelong problems, fear and negative patterns begin to melt away in the all-consuming warmth and Divine love that created us all.

4. The Breakthrough
Heart Awakening combines auric energy work and the application of key spiritual principles helping a person experience their own soul’s perspective on their current life. This enables a much deeper level of healing than would otherwise be possible. Energy work alone would not necessarily complete the healing process, because the underlying mental/emotional patterns would not be understood and released by the individual, and could be re-created later. Therefore, for complete resolution of a person’s core issues it is often necessary for the soul to travel back through the original incidents that caused the separation and perceive how the Divine was present and operating, even in the most painful of circumstances.

Working from a state of Oneness, the Heart Awakener resonates with the soul frequency of the individual receiving the session. In a deep soul-to-soul connection, guided by Spirit,  the truth of a person’s situation is revealed and the soul’s perspective in a continuous flow of love that reaches deeply into the heart is experienced. Feeling safe and surrounded by unconditional love, the individual sees that it is at last possible to experience themselves in their true divine nature. Once this has been experienced in a session, it creates a deepening capacity to love oneself and live life to the fullest.

A key part of the breakthrough is experiencing God’s love in key relationships – past, current, or deceased. Your closest relationships are often your greatest gifts in life. The impact of experiencing God’s love in these relationships fills the emotional body with the awareness of an open heart. Then you are able to see the underlying perfection within every person and every situation and fully accept your own Divine nature. In the energy of the Divine, real forgiveness can take place at last.

The full impact of the Heart Awakening session happens only through Grace. This occurs when your personality is willing and ready to adjust its perception, so your true self can be reclaimed. Your  personality may feel as if it is going through a major adjustment before accepting a full-time committed relationship with God’s love. In that moment, the genuineness of surrender happens, the presence of God reveals itself, and a full-blown Heart Awakening is at hand.


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