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A spiritual education 501(c3) is now working with a very powerful piece of technology. It is an advanced “at a distance” quantum healing system called a “Qigong Enhancer.” At a distance, it scans a person’s field running the equivalent of thousands of kinesiology tests in seconds.

The Qigong Enhancer then matches the criteria in your energy field with over a million lines of code based upon a database drawn from Qigong, Western and Oriental energy healing systems. This provides clinical level detail as to what is going on in your energy field.

The result of matching your field with the Enhancer ‘s database is a summary of over a thousand criteria all of which are used, to transmit custom frequencies through the quantum field to help restore your energy field into perfect harmony and balance.

For example, it shows the exact condition of each acupuncture point. Where present, it reveals the Chinese pathogens in each acupoint: damp, wind, cold, dryness, summer heat, and fire. It shows us the emotion that you are currently experiencing, be it anger, worry, grief, fear or joy. It reveals western pathogens such as viruses, heavy metals, fungus, infection, bacteria, candida and much more.

It reveals a host of other relevant information:

Mental and emotional behavior, the condition of the meridians, and extra meridians, organs, sinews and bones, glands, senses, body parts, spine, fluids, energies ( yin/ yang) qi, jing, shen, cycles, systems, intuitive factors, chakras etc.

Instantly, almost without any lapse of time and space, the Enhancer can take this information, create custom frequencies and send healing signals, through the quantum field to help restore balance and harmony to your energy fields.

Healing can be customized to your specific needs, or a theme generated from tens of thousands of available criteria. These themes include enhancing your Qi to address:

Acute illness, anti- aging, children’s issues, cosmetic fitness, emotional, family, general health, habits, injury /emergency, mental issues, mind/attitude, nutritional, pain, pets / animal issues, relationship issues, sexual issues, spiritual, stress, trauma, weight issues and work related issues. A theme can even be created to address any current life circumstance you may have. – and, of course, help you relax and feel good.

Once the data is assessed, the Qigong Enhancer will help you unlock any resistance or restrictions and limitations you may have to your healing. As it does so, it sends an appropriate number of signals in the form of an “energy transmission” to help correct imbalances to your body and restore its natural life force energy. Each day, as the Enhancer reads your energies it generates a new custom transmission for your particular needs.

This transmission may also include color, sound, herbs, rife frequencies, homeopathy and much more to help balance all the different types of chi to help you manifest your life according to your heart’s desires.

These high quality, subtle but very profound energies can help reverse even the most dense, inherited, biochemical, genetic, traumatic and emotional issues.

This energy transmission lasts for 3-7 hours or longer, sometimes overnight. During that time the enhancer continually reevaluates your condition. There is a built-in buffer so the work slows down or stops if the body cannot handle the changes.

It is designed to help you live a happy, healthy life within a balanced energy field. It is for anyone who is serious about their healing

Scans are run daily for 6 consecutive days, followed by a day of rest, Sunday, during which your body is given time for the energies to settle.

The Enhancer is gentle and persistent. It really works! Everyone is thrilled with the great results.


INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE SESSIONS ARE  AVAILABLE with the new advanced “clinic standard” Qigong Enhancer. Bringing a “quantum leap” in quantum healing.

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A private session is designed for more in depth personal healing. 

We solve issues, any issue – five per session. This could mean any medically diagnosed condition, a psychological pattern, even a current life situation. The clinic standard Enhancer also works on pets. We can work with your blood test results, x-rays, a written summary of your emotional issues, or you can give us a verbal summary over the phone. However, please be aware that these sessions do not provide a medical diagnosis, and are not meant to replace any diagnosis you may have from a medical doctor. We are working with energy science in the quantum field to help release stress patterns underlying your problems. Once both the western and oriental conditions have been assessed, an itemized list of the supplements you need is produced including the precise reasons for the use of each. We provide a complete list of Amino Acids, Crystals, Fatty Acids, Herbs, Hormones, Minerals, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Neurotransmitters and Superfoods that your body needs. We will discuss these nutrients and decide which can be handled energetically, and which are best taken in physical form. Most of the required products can be purchased separately through us and shipped directly to you.


The Clinic Standard professional version of the Enhancer offers a wide variety of tools (Protools) to help resolve any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue you may be facing. There are twenty in all. They can be used independently or in any combination most appropriate for you.


You will be asked to describe the five most important issues you would like our help with. These can include any type of physical condition, “I want stronger legs, improved digestion, better vision, etc.” Or any emotional, mental or spiritual issue you are ready to work on.

You will then be asked how long you have had each issue, what you think the cause might be, and your level of commitment to healing it. You will also be asked the average intensity, the highest intensity and the current intensity of each of the five issues. We will need to know of any other work you are currently doing to help clear each of them.

The Clinic Standard Enhancer will take the information, access all possible solutions from its database and a healing session will begin. There is no need to come to the office. The depth and quality of the Enhancer’s sensors are such that no matter where you are, it can pick up what you are going through –– to an even greater degree than you might be aware of yourself. The Enhancer will also help reverse the effects of anything that may be interfering with your healing, whether internal or external.


The Enhancer‘s database contains over a million lines of code based upon Western and Oriental healing systems. We will again access it to create a program unique to you. A second healing session will be put into motion for up to twenty-four hours to help clear, balance, charge, or regenerate the whole body, or any organ, meridian or gland that needs to be focussed on. Anyone in your family, a friend, a client, or any group you belong to, can be focused on during this Recharger session, provided you have their approval. This special customized healing session will be saved and may be re-used at a later date. Recharging helps restore all your energy centers into a more balanced, healthy functioning order.


Based upon the information we have gathered so far, we go over your dominant symptoms, then re-scan your energy field. The Enhancer then produces a detailed list of the supplements you need, including the precise reasons for the use of each. The database contains a complete list of amino acids, crystals, enzymes, essential oils, fatty Acids, flower essences, herbs, hormones, minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters, super foods.

An energetic summary of nutrients is generated from each the 12 categories listed above. This offers a comprehensive solution for your condition. This can be achieved by an energetic transmission through the quantum field, or, depending on the circumstances, supplements can be purchased separately.


The elemental scanner works on your Essence, Shen, Jing, and Qi. It also cleanses, balances and strengthens the elements of wood, water, metal, earth and fire. Everything – life situation, personal issues and physical objects – contains these elements of nature both internally and externally, and may be positive, negative or neutral to us. Working with these elements is the

foundation for most of our healing. They are in all our organs and meridians, our food and our environment. Scanning, clearing and balancing them can radically improve our health. The clearing of Chinese pathogens such as damp, wind, cold, dryness, summer, heat, and fire, and the emotions of anger, worry, grief, fear or joy, depend on balancing the elements. The Enhancer scanner picks up the condition of each, clears and strengthens them.


The aura scanner consists of two parts, covering the chakras and seven layers of the aura. Overall physical strength is measured. Then the physical, taiji poles, root, sacral, navel, heart, thyroid, third eye, crown, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, template, celestial and causal levels of the aura are individually scanned, cleaned and strengthened for an individual, an animal, or object.

Please note, these sessions do not provide a medical diagnosis, and are not meant to replace any diagnosis you may have from a medical doctor. They are simply part of a very sophisticated at a distance spiritual energy balancing system based on many years of combined knowledge and practical experience in the healing arts. This includes: martial science, quantum science, the sciences of anatomy, physiology, meta-anatomy, meta-physiology, herbalism and meta-physics, and computer science.

This version of the Enhancer provides greater accuracy to meet your specific needs. Private sessions last approximately one to two hours and also serve as a great adjunct to the regular monthly program to help bring greater focus and depth to your healing.


Customizes an energy field for specific purposes around your home, car, belongings, and even yourself. Field type, field strength, field texture, and field size can be designed for any specific use. For example, a field of calm, peace, harmony, love, rejuvenation, good memory, absolute truth for key decisions, etc. can be used for any improvement you would like to make in your life.


Frequency corrections can be made from a comprehensive list of symptoms, accupoint protocols, and herbs for any chosen condition.


Helps correct male, female, child, teenager, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress patterns. Can help shift the way you feel by working with your wish list. It clears issues, even if you are unsure of what they are.


Supercharges the long term clearing of unwanted issues, and energises positive and constructive long term goals. Can also clear negativities and re-energise positive energies for your belongings, for instance, your home, car, clothes, food, water, bank account.


Sends energy transmissions through a wide variety of Qigong postures to help shift core energies: faith, focus, mind, physical, self, spirit, and partner energies.


Scans and corrects imbalances for the food, water, and supplements you have consumed or are about to consume. Provides corrections for missing nutrients.


Energies between two people can be mediated by bringing opposing view points back into balance.


Removes root causes and sources underlying any given issue. Helps you to be willing, able, and empowered to arrive at a ” Yes” to whatever correction is needed, on any level of consciousness, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


Sends frequencies of UV light and infra-red light waves to help correct any imbalances found beyond the visible light spectrum. Good for issues deeply held in the body

i.e. bone, skin, and muscle, and joints. Also works with surface wounds such as cuts, scars, and infections.


Key issues can be scanned and negative events released, while positive ones are strengthened. This can occur even if the events were inherited, pre-natal or post-natal. Also if they were taught or imposed in your current life or future, and even All Time


Works with correcting blockages such as resistance and defense mechanisms, and a host of protocols to support the brain’s ability to let go of negative soul images, and create positive ones. It helps clear clogged brain circuits and repair damaged ones.


The Qi Enhancer may be used to help clear pathogens, both western and oriental, in each of the following categories: allergies, bacterial, cold, heat, damp, dry, deficiency, dental, emotional, excess, fungal, heavy metal, mould, general pathogens, parasitic, phlegm, protozoa, stagnation, stasis, summer heat, toxins, viruses, wind, wu ji (unknown sources), entities, demonic, spiritual.

18: REIKI:

The Enhancer sends out super-enhanced Reiki energy frequencies


Are you in a situation where you really need your prayers to be heard and answered? The Enhancer sends out extra power and support to help get your prayers answered.

20: The last and perhaps a real favorite is a special tool that selects which of the above is most suited for any given situation. It can be used to fine tune the correcting of imbalances and is particularly useful if the overall situation needs clarification in which way to proceed.

And that completes a clinic version of the enhancer private session.


People on the Qigong energy balancing program are ecstatic about their progress:

“The Enhancer really strengthened my organs and meridians and to help me clear all that stuff that I had been carrying around. It really helped me live my life in balanced energy. It is just what I had always been looking for!”

“This state of the art technology is awesome! I am very appreciative for the tremendous ways in which it has helped me become more of what I had always wanted it to be.”

“As soon as I truly committed to my own healing, everything clicked into place.“

“Wow! A healing modality that can rapidly and easily access all the information I needed to heal! That is truly amazing. I committed to the program and now I feel so much better! And way more self -empowered.”

“I am amazed at how quickly and accurately the Qigong Enhancer can pick up what is going on with me- and correct these imbalances – faster than I can even think of the issues!”

“Yes! This truly is a sophisticated piece of technology. The quality and depth of the work enabled me to feel a deep sense of calm and self-confidence about my life.”

“Before I went on the Fitness theme in the Enhancer I was 20 lbs. overweight and living quite a sedentary life. Now I am up at dawn every day, I am 20 lbs. lighter and hike about 35 miles a week. Just to relax and enjoy life! I am extremely happy about this as I could never have done that before!”



-Consultation and set up fee- $100 an hour (hour min, first month only)

-1 year distance healing $1000 (+ consultation and set up fee of $100) (includes 2 free months) -pre paid

-6 months distance healing $500 (+ consultation and set up fee of $100) (includes 1 free month) – prepaid

-Monthly subscription $100 (+ consultation and set up fee of $100) – pay with card on file

-Updating file and added consultation fee via phone or email- $100 an hour (15 min/$25 minimum)

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Long Distance Healing with your Beloved Pets!! Please inquire for more information. 

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Please call and we can discuss how to help you make the most of this truly state of the art technology.

I am available during regular office hours Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Thank you,

Raoult Bertrand: author, healer heart awakener, energy healer, teacher, clairvoyant. 25 years full time experience.

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