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Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing

Amazing changes have happened in people’s lives as a result of their journey into their heart and soul through Heart Awakening. No matter what may be going on in your life, transformation into true spiritual light is possible. HEART AWAKENING was pioneered by Raoult Bertrand in 1987, and has since transformed the lives of thousands. If you are in urgent need of turning your life around, and you do not know which way to turn, a Heart Awakening session can find a solution that works for you. You can read many case histories of clients in Raoult’s inspiring new book: Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing. These show that there is usually a hidden core issue underlying work, health, relationship and financial problems. Most often, this proves to be separation from the divine spark of love within. During a Heart Awakening session, clients reconnect with that divine spark by opening their hearts.

We think nothing of improving ourselves by getting our hair done, buying new clothes, getting a massage, or even changing our ideas, but what of our hearts? What of the divine love that should forever be felt as part of our daily life? How often have we looked into ourselves, saw something we disliked, and avoided dealing with it by denial or rationalization? Heart Awakening is a powerful spiritual healing process that can change your life forever by opening the doorway through which the soul is set free to fulfill its life purpose. How can you be in that space here and now? By your willingness to be in full integrity in every area of your life. No matter what the outer circumstances may be.

Heart Awakening shows the way to those who genuinely want to know the next step of their soul’s journey. It is for everyone learning to embrace and deepen his or her experience of the divine. It is an exploration in consciousness where we can reach any level for which we are ready, a way to participate in the earth’s current transformation. Within the expression of divine love is a divine plan for the restoration of peace on earth. This plan reveals itself everywhere we go, within everything we do and in everyone we meet. Heart Awakening is the process of becoming conscious of that plan and actively participating in its unfolding.

True living begins with an open heart. True living is having compassion for self and others, accepting others and ourselves just as we were created in our divine image, knowing nothing is more important than the love. Once we have experienced and accepted the eternalness of the deep, indwelling divine love, we can open the door to honest relationships with others and share the wisdom born of spiritual love with anyone anywhere at any time. This is what Heart Awakening is for – to remember what is important, what is real and what makes a difference. It is a wake-up call from the soul saying, “Remember the journey you have embarked upon, remember the deepest inner vows to yourself to be all that you can be. You don’t have to settle for anything less.”


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The potential of what can be done in a Heart

Awakening session is limited only by the intensity of

the person’s desire to free the soul. The true Self can

never die, and a single session can bring you back into a

full experience of the Divine. This is why Heart

Awakening heals. It provides the opportunity to reinspire

yourself to become all you really are in the

Divine sense. The greater your desire to reunite with

your divinity, the more complete your Heart

Awakening will be.

Inner Guidance Through Your Heart

True inner guidance always comes through an

open heart. When you experience what it is to perceive

life through the energies of the heart, freed

from an ego that perceives only imperfection, all the

inner guidance that is an intrinsic part of our Divine

nature will appear.

Once the heart is freed and true inner guidance is

revealed, different situations and opportunities open

up. Often new connections, new ideas, new possibilities

come to mind, and life generally flows more easily.

In some cases it takes several months for all the

benefits of a session to reveal themselves in a person’s

life. During this time, a continuous and gentle readjustment

helps you align your life with your soul’s

journey. The first and most important step for anyone

on the spiritual path is to clear the issues around

the heart so true inner guidance can be discerned.

Rich flew in from Kansas for a Heart Awakening session,

apprehensive but ready. His life had turned chaotic. An


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employee had embezzled money from his company the previous

year and he had lost his wife in a car accident. He was

angry, lonely, confused and had no idea where to go or what to

do with his life.

During his session, Rich remembered that as a youngster, he

had jettisoned what he valued the most: his capacity to speak

from the heart in a clear, honest manner. One day he became

angry with his mother and “on a whim” decided not to show

his love for her or any other woman ever again. The memory

explained why he was withdrawn and unable to release anger

or to love his wife during their marriage. He saw how he

hadn’t taken the time to enjoy his wife and many times went

to work when it wasn’t necessary. His wife was diagnosed

with cancer before the accident and, by seeing the situation

through the heart, he now understood why she hadn’t wanted

to stay on earth.

The session also revealed that Rich’s anger was the cumulative

effect of not having lived in his heart, making decisions

from fear. The decisions created outcomes he didn’t like and

the anger continued to build. His heart felt he wasn’t always

making the best choices, and the session showed him what he

had done to himself. In part, that was a gift for him so he

could learn to grow strong within himself.

Rich now realized he was responsible for much that had

gone on with his employee. He had a chance to stop the possibility

of embezzlement on a number of occasions but never did

anything about it. Instead, he suspected the employee’s integrity

and allowed his suspicions to color his attitude toward her.

Eventually, the situation became impossible for her and she

reacted by trying to hurt him through theft. Rich recognized

he actually felt guilty about having earned the money in the

first place, resulting in his fear attracting the loss of the


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money. He saw all this through an open heart and was able

to forgive himself and his former employee. As a result, he

was given the confidence to continue his work.

The session was extremely powerful and released Rich’s fear

of being alone, poor, and unloved. He regained his sense of

self-worth by coming to grips with what his heart was telling

him to do with his life. His soul showed him how to perceive

his life differently so he could learn what he needed. Rich

finally accepted his heart would guide him not only to a joyous

life but also to a prosperous one.

For Rich, the session was pivotal. He cleared the reasons

that prevented him from hearing his inner guidance and

became acutely aware that he hadn’t listened to his true Self

for years. He listened to others, to his fears, and followed his

old patterns but never stopped to listen to the small voice within

whispering to him to ease up, relax, and enjoy life. The

inner voice was buried because his heart was troubled. After

the session, Rich felt considerably lighter and returned to

Kansas a stronger person, committed to listening to his heart

for inner guidance.

Recognizing Perfection

A primary purpose of a Heart Awakening session is

to help you experience your Divine Self, free of all pain

and suffering. From the perspective of spiritual healing,

we are already whole and healed. We don’t need

fixing; we are simply releasing what isn’t real to reveal

what is. Heart Awakening helps you experience your

own perfection, which is often enough for you to

change your self-image completely.

In a session, many people are awestruck when they

see themselves filled with light and their physical form


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as an emanation of light. This experience helps them

recognize that, in their Divine essence, they are much

more than a decaying body with irresolvable baggage.

The eternal nature of who we are in our essence never

goes away.

Betty was overweight. When she came in for a Heart

Awakening session, she had learned to hate herself for being

so heavy. Nothing she did to lose weight ever worked and

she believed that she could never change. As a result, Betty

wished she were dead.

During Betty’s session, she experienced herself as whole,

healed and perfect. In her Spirit personality she was not

overweight at all. She didn’t just imagine herself as being

thin; she visually and energetically experienced herself in

her Divine essence and saw she had always been whole.

Indeed, her actual beauty and radiance stunned her.

After the session, Betty could never think of herself as the

person reflected in the mirror. She saw her true Self, her

true essence, as revealed by Spirit. Within a week, she had

lost 15 pounds without really trying. Just the memory of

the way she is in her perfection caused the change.

Realizing Your Source Of Creativity

Many people feel a connection with the Divine

through prayer, meditation, or even the joyous interaction

of a spontaneous social gathering where Spirit

guides the moment. These are all part of a Heart

Awakened life, yet what the sessions offer to both the

giver and the receiver is an opportunity to give language

to the Divine Grace underlying all creation.

Divine Grace is experienced as a non-dualistic state.

It is the process of making conscious the deep, inner


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wellspring of our true essence and bringing it forth

into language. Each person has a way of expressing

this connection in a unique way.

Jeanette had been a professional writer for many years

and was currently writing a book for a particular spiritual

teacher. She knew he had something. She couldn’t quite

figure out what it was, but her task was to write about it.

Jeanette decided to have a Heart Awakening session to

help her understand the message of the spiritual teacher.

What she experienced surprised her. The session helped her

find her own inner Divinity when she felt the presence of

her guides and teachers. Visions of her own future were

revealed, including where her writing career was headed.

Once she discovered this place inside her, Jeanette knew it

was the source of her creative writing experience. The essence

of her heart contained the magical elixir to help her readers

awaken to their own beauty. She melted with joy and felt

the inevitability of her journey and its work. Most importantly,

she made the jump that aligned her with what she

was here to do on earth. There was no more doubting or

looking for it on the outside – she had found it.

Jeanette finished the book for the spiritual teacher and

moved into an exploration of her heart’s script for a better

life. Something in the grace and tenderness of the shift she

experienced during her Heart Awakening session touched her

forever. She made the connection, knew the purpose of her

life, and now her writing would be an expression of divinity

rather than an expression of the ego.

Expressing from Your Heart

On one level, everything we think, say, or do is a

part of the Divine energy field. Yet what happens


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when we let go of thinking, live in the present

moment, and allow our creative expression to flow?

The massive force and strength of pure Divine

Love is overwhelming. Through Heart Awakening,

we gradually learn how to express from this energy

and feel its full effects flow through us.

When that happens, it is You speaking. Not the

ego you; but Spirit from within. It is you at a much

higher level of frequency. Heart Awakening is an

experience of the greater Divine Self taking over and

being a conduit for all that is. The ego is simply an

observer and a witness to the expression.

As you allow the language of the Divine to be

expressed through you, there may be a change in your

voice. Traces of the ego are dispelled, and your voice

carries a purity of tone and integrity free of judgment,

blame, and the accumulated vibrations of your

personality traits. It becomes solid and certain and

carries with every word a massive power of Love that

brings healing to any situation. It becomes rich and

pure because the language and the wisdom expressed

are of the higher Self and not the ego.

When Divine energy is expressed through language

for the purpose of helping another into the

heart, the Divine presence through Self can be experienced.

The intent of the communication must be in

keeping with what the Divine consciousness would

want, for only then does it flow. The Divine consciousness

asks us to love one another and be happy

and from this place all else flows.

We believe in Love, yet only a tiny fraction of its

potential has been expressed. Heart Awakening is an


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opportunity to go further into the language of pure,

unconditional Love than ever possible in ordinary life.

The articulation of our Divine Self brings with it the

experience of heaven on earth when you surrender and

allow yourself to feel compassion for another human

being. Spirit works and supports such attempts in

unfathomable ways. Even the slightest effort extended

by the least knowing is supported by the infinite

power of Divine Love, Divine power, and Divine wisdom

when the intent is to help another into the heart.

All energies of a spiritual nature are perpetual and

forever uplifting. Those of a physical nature are

depleting and need constant replenishing. The doorway

into perpetual energy is the present moment, for

within it is contained all the information we need.

You might not know how you know – the knowledge

is simply there. These energies are available through

the principle of service. The Divine consciousness

needs form to grow, and Heart Awakening is a vehicle

for that growth.

Your Heart Awakening Adventure

When we grow tired of the material world, it may

be a sign that we are ready for a true adventure into

the depths of our own soul. This adventure is one of

the greatest gifts from a Heart Awakening session.

How far can I go? How deeply can I get into the

sacredness of all that is within me? Is it reachable?

What are the deep desires within me that have lain

dormant and are seeking expression? Is there a voyage

I can take to resolve the guilt and shame I carry and

bring me back to the essence of all that I am? Did I


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go wrong on my life’s journey? Have others or I

caused the lessons I need to learn? Am I acting out

the family karma without realizing I haven’t given

space for my spiritual nature? Who am I? What am

I? What am I made of? Is there more to life than the

humdrum superficiality of daily life?

These are questions to ask yourself in the search

for an awakened heart. Part of yourself can look at

the world and sense a deeper meaning behind everything

and an awareness that things should be different.

That part will guide you through the maze of

your own feelings back to the essence of what lies

within. The experience is not humdrum, nor can it

be obtained in ordinary life. The full impact of

knowing the true light of Self is perhaps the greatest

adventure anyone can embark on.

Jeremy came to his session full of questions about his life and

identity. Although he was filled with joy and anticipation as

a boy, his sense of exhilaration and joy of life was buried under

a mountain of responsibilities and work over the years.

During his session, Jeremy expanded his consciousness to

open his mind and heart to a vision of Divine Magnificence.

A renewed sense of the intense joy and infinite potential of life

filled his entire being. In remembering the vastness and splendor

of Divine creation, Jeremy once again became infused with

the sense of adventure and anticipation that made his life

worth living.

When he returned home, Jeremy took his wife and children

on a trip to Alaska which renewed their sense of wonder for

life. It also gave them the time and space to deepen their bonds

of love and realize what was and was not important in life.

Heart Awakening sessions are an opportunity to


HA 6-1-08.qxp:rb.qxd 10/14/08 9:05 PM Page 183

listen to the voice of Spirit more clearly than ever

before. You move beyond form and structure into a

moment-to-moment revelation of what happens in

the healing process when Spirit takes over. The sessions

help you understand healing doesn’t have to be

created through a model or a specific line of questioning.

Each session is an unfolding, a work of art, a

unique act of creation and a release from the complexities

of the outer mind and its fragmented analysis

of what the healing process should be.

Sessions are a gift from Spirit for both the giver

and the receiver as a reward for coming into full

integrity. All we need is the willingness to step in

that direction and Spirit does the rest. Eventually,

each of us must cross this bridge.

How is the true essence of your Divine nature

expressed? The Divine can come through in many

ways – singing, sculpting, dancing – for it flows

through everything all of the time. But Heart

Awakening occurs when we want to give language to

the Divine love within.

The gift of Heart Awakening is a wide-open heart

and unlimited freedom. The result is unmistakable,

for it shines through every particle of your aura. It is

your body, your higher self and your divine self all

functioning together. Once you go through a Heart

Awakening, everyone you know becomes aware something

in you has shifted. The truth of its presence is

undeniable, even to the greatest skeptic, because you

remember what you know you should remember.

The energy of Spirit is certain, leaves no doubt and is

the guiding light for which all of us are searching.




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