Sep 25

A Breakthrough in Long Distance Healing!

A quantum leap in the field of holistic energy healing!

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        A sophisticated software system called a Qigong Enhancer, a long distance healing system, can now provide clinic standard report and remote energy balancing for most western and oriental conditions. The depth and quality of the Enhancer’s sensors are such that it can pick up what a client is going through, no matter where they are, in the same room or thousands of miles away!

       This long distance healing system has impeccable accuracy, the finely tuned sensors in the Enhancer program provide clinical level detail on a client’s condition. It does this by matching the client’s criteria to over a million lines of code from a database drawn from Qigong, western and eastern healing systems. This long distance healing system prioritizes the information it receives, then transmits custom frequencies that help restore perfect harmony and balance to the client’s energy field.  The long distance healing session can be customized for a client’s specific requirements.  Some of the issues their Qi can be enhanced to address are: anti-aging, children’s problems, general health, mind/attitude, pain, appearance, relationship and sexual issues, spiritual concerns, stress, trauma, weight and work issues. This long distance healing system even works on pets!

       In Oriental terms, the Enhancer reveals the condition of each acupuncture point: damp, wind, cold, dryness, summer heat and fire, also the flow of Qi and the condition of the meridians, organs, glands and body parts. This long distance healing system is able to pick up the presence of pathogens such as viruses, heavy metals, fungi, infections, bacteria and candida is also shown. In Western terms, the Enhancer provides an extensive detailed summary report on any remedy you might need, including the precise reason for the use of each supplement.  This long distance healing system then provides a complete list of amino acids, crystals, fatty acids, hormones, minerals, vitamins, essential oils, flower essences, neurotransmitters and super foods that your body needs.

Long Distance Healing

      Grateful and enthusiastic response from clients proves that the Qi Gong Enhancer really does work! People on the long distance healing system, Qigong Enhancer, are ecstatic about their progress:

“The Enhancer really strengthened my organs and meridians and to help me clear all that stuff that I had been carrying around. It really helped me live my life in balanced energy. It is just what I had always been looking for!”

“Wow! A healing modality that can rapidly and easily access all the information I needed for me heal?! That is truly amazing. I committed to the program and now I feel so much better! And way more self -empowered.”

“I am amazed at how quickly and accurately the Qigong Enhancer can pick up what is going on with me- and correct these imbalances – faster than I can even think of the issues!”

“Yes! This truly is a sophisticated piece of technology. The quality and depth of the work enabled me to feel a deep sense of calm and self-confidence about my life.”

“Before I went on the Fitness theme in the Enhancer I was 20 lbs overweight and living quite a sedentary life. Now I am up at dawn every day, I am 20 lbs lighter and hike about 35 miles a week. Just to relax and enjoy life! I am extremely happy about this as I could never have done that before!”

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Raoult Bertrand is a much loved spiritual healer and teacher who has been in full time practice for over twenty five years, and has transformed the lives of thousands. Some of these are described in his book:

Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing  https://thehelpinghandsofmaricopacounty.org/heart-awakening-book/

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