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Living from the Heart

A Vision for Humanity

Healing is a process that is gently leading us home, awakening our hearts to a profound awareness of the Divine in all things, all situations, all people – including ourselves. But where exactly is the process taking us? What will life be like when we are fully awake and aware, living fully from our hearts, in tune with the Divine energy of the universe? Here, Raoult Bertrand shares his vision of a Heart Awakened life and the perceptions of a Heart Awakened world.


In the Heart Awakened life,
the seeking has ended,
the finding has been found.
Life becomes an expression
of that knowingness of who and what we are.


Instead of questions, there are answers;
instead of struggle, there is joy;
instead of pain, there is the knowingness
that inside we are already whole and healed.
That knowingness of deep inner perfection
gives us the strength
to fulfill our spiritual purpose.


In the Heart Awakened life,
our spiritual purpose is not only known,
but unfolds as a natural organic process.


The Heart Awakened life
is a life that bridges two worlds,
the spiritual and the material,
so that we are in this world
but not attached to it.


The Heart Awakened life
comes as a commitment is made
to selfless service
as a path to self-realization.
The needs and wants of the ego
have been replaced by the expression
and expansion of all we are
in our Divine nature.
Our natural Self is forever
in service to the Divine.


The discovery of that Self
comes during service to others.
It does not matter what the service is
as long as it comes from this place
of love and knowingness.


In a Heart Awakened life,
one sits in quiet contemplation
and knowingness
of the Divinity within,
always surrendered
to the wisdom of the heart,
always listening to the inner voice
that forever quietly leads
to the upward expansion
of the love that lies within.


Living the Heart Awakened life
means always being connected
with the one universal Energy
that flows throughout all creation.
Once the link with this Energy
has been made and is maintained,
we always know how to stay on track.
With the ego out of the way,
the Energy is always there.


The Heart Awakened life
is a life in service to this one Energy,
diving into the information, guidance
and insights coming from that place.


In the Heart Awakened life,
one lives in a Heart Awakened world.
The Heart Awakened world exists within.


The Heart Awakened world understands
that everything that appears to be on the outside
is but our projection.
We discover that the real truth
is in our knowingness.


We are the creators of our perceptions.
Thoughts are energy.
Mastery of thought
allows us to know that no one
has ever controlled or manipulated us.
We can change our reality.


It is our responsibility
to change our perceptions
so our world becomes one where
we are continually aware of
the inherent Divinity that is always moving
and expressing through all things.


The Heart Awakened world
is one in which the knowingness
of the unity of the world
and the experience of oneness
can always be found.
We become willing to move past belief systems
to get to the love.
The test is this: Can we love each other?


The Heart Awakened world
sees through the heart –
instead of through the limitations,
attitudes, and tactics of the ego.
When we are willing
to align to this higher truth,
when the heart is perceived accurately,
no one is ever hurt,
all needs are met,
and there is a great sense
of freedom and expansion
of all that the individual is.


A Heart Awakened world
is one where there is a continual
moment-to-moment sense of balance,
inner peace and calm.
The focus is on bringing out
the inherent perfection which will dissolve
all illusions of differences and separations.
One comes to see there is no separation,
there never has been any separation
and there never will be –
either in body or spirit.


In that change of perception,
each individual realizes the illusion
of the world in suffering,
that there has been a parallel world
which has always been there,
where the inherent perfection
has been lying there
waiting for us to perceive it.


The gentle, smooth, warm healing hands
of the Divine are always present
within any situation.
In a Heart Awakened world,
that awareness is there to be drawn on,
to be expressed.


In a Heart Awakened world,
each individual is living
as a unique expression of a Divine being
in a Divine image which becomes visible
in one’s actions and activities.


In a Heart Awakened world,
there is no judgment, no blame –
for we cannot judge another
without judging ourselves.


In a Heart Awakened world,
there is no enabling of others’ pain.
The approach is to help others
become all they are
in the Divine image,
with no deficiency,
to help each individual wake up
and to gain confidence
in living from this Divine nature.


We are helping every individual
heal their relationship with the Divine.
We are not responsible for others.
Instead, we are simply being in service
by helping others be responsible
for themselves.


In a Heart Awakened world,
each individual has claimed mastery
and become one in service
to self and the Divine.
Divine Guidance becomes awakened
and ignited in our hearts.


In a Heart Awakened world,
each individual supports each other
in bringing through the articulation
and expression
of what that Divine will is
for the individual.


And so we free each other,
for it but takes one spark of transmission
of those Divine energies to help people readjust
and come back into a point of center
within themselves.


The Heart Awakened world
is a world of compassion and depth of love,
where everyone can and will be healed.
The Earth has transformed
into all the beauty that has lain within.
Love heals everything.


The depth of love
brings transformational changes
and makes miracles happen.
The ego doesn’t do anything –
love does the work.
This love radiating out is known
and observed to be all that is needed.


A Heart Awakened world
lives in peace.
A Heart Awakened world
lives with the understanding
that fears come from beliefs
and attachments to a future and a past
that doesn’t exist.


In a Heart Awakened world
there is the re-awakening and discovery
that there is but one single present moment,
and within this present moment
all of the Divine glory of heaven on earth
becomes a living reality.


In this state of knowingness
there is great humility, great surrender –
for the gift is one
of indescribable joy and radiance
of a vast field of energy
with which we are all interconnected.