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Sep 25

A Breakthrough in Long Distance Healing!

A quantum leap in the field of holistic energy healing!         A sophisticated software system called a Qigong Enhancer, a long distance healing system, can now provide clinic standard report and remote energy balancing for most western and oriental conditions. The depth and quality of the Enhancer’s sensors are such that it can …

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Aug 09

The Law of Volitionality-The Second Tenet

The second tenet, the law of Volitionality, states that if you seriously intend to evolve , and you aspire to become spiritually enlightened, you must be willing to take absolute responsibility  for your own self. Once you have asked yourself ” what is more important that anything else ?”and your intention is clear, the question …

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Jul 11

Life’s Spiral Dynamic

Life’s Dynamic Spiral a Brief Introduction to SDi (Spiral Dynamics Integral) by Rosemary Wilkie   With the best will in the world, it is sometimes hard to understand why people think the way they do. How can she believe this? How can he think that? They must be mad, bad or very stupid . . …

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May 23

Heart Awakening energy healing strengthens the will to love

I want to discuss a particular type of  energy healing session in the aura that helps a person strenghen their  ability to love. When a person comes for a private heart awakening session, we  are often working on  key issues around their  ability  to love and be loved.  This could relate to a specific personal relationship, a family member, …

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May 10

Healing school – energy healing in the aura

In a Heart Awakening School of Healing course, one of  the most fascinating areas of learning is the energy  work portion of the heartawakening session. The energy  work serves to realign the energy field in a person’s aura, and, most importantly unlock core mental and emotional patterns  that have long awaited release. These thoughts and patterns can be …

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May 07

The Fourth Tenet – The Truth of Impersonality

The fourth Tenet: The truth of impersonality The fourth tenet is called the Truth of Impersonality. This tenet points us to a perspective on human experience that radically transcends the personal sphere of the separate ego.  The truth of impersonality compels us to begin to make the effort to see every aspect of our own …

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Apr 28

The First Tenet – Clarity of Intention

The first tenet is called the Clarity of Intention, and it places the outcome of the spiritual quest directly in your own hands. In the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own higher development. You may say that you want to evolve, that you want to become spiritually …

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Apr 22

Breath and the Four Elements

Did you know that different breaths relate to the different elements? To purify the Earth element in you body, breath in through the nose and out through the nose To purify the Water element in your body, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. To purify the Fire element in your body, …

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Apr 11

Gratitude and Appreciation: Two Keys to an Open Heart

Gratitude and Appreciation. Two words that get thrown around a lot, especially in the New Age community. Masaru Emoto has shown through his experiments with water that those words can change the very structure of the water itself. But what do they really mean? Why are they important? How do the feelings of gratitude and …

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