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3rd , 4th , 5th dimensional chakra rotation

Want to really make a quantum jump in your evolution? 1.Third dimension chakra rotation Male 1st chakra     cw 2nd chakra   ccw 3rd chakra     cw 4th chakra    ccw 5th chakra     cw 6th chakra   ccw 7th chakra   cw Female: 1st chakra rotation   ccw 2nd chakra rotation cw 3rd chakra  rotation  ccw 4th chakra rotation   cw 5th chakra …

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Divine intelligence, will and love

Divine Intelligence    Divine Will Divine Love These are the three tools that your consciousness  uses to create your reality. Observe  how you and others think and speak.  Are these three in balance?  Reflect on  each one. What is the difference between  intelligence and Divine Intelligence, will and Divine Will, love and Divine Love? Each has a …

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Present Moment Meditation

In our energy fields, there are nine time cells: FUTURE  PAST        FUTURE PRESENT       FUTURE FUTURE PAST                          PRESENT PRESENT     PRESENT FUTURE PAST PAST               PAST PRESENT              PAST FUTURE Meditate on each of the 9 time cells. We tend to live in any one of a number of these time cells. Even though traveling into each …

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Flower of Life

This is a two-dimensional version of a multi-dimensional object called the Flower of Life:             It is the form that underlies all form. It is responsible for the creation of galaxies and the formation of atoms. In it can be found all of the platonic solids. This is a stereogram …

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