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Jul 25

Family and Relationship problems

Quote from the book: ” Heart awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and  Healing. ” By Raoult Bertrand Family and relationship problems Seen from the perspective of the heart, you were born into your particular family to learn key lessons most needed to fulfill your soul’s purpose. No matter how difficult or painful your …

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Jul 13

Deeply Personal and Experiential

Quote from the Book:  ” Heart Awakening- Your path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” by Raoult Bertrand Deeply personal and experiential The form of a Heart Awakening may differ from one person to another. Because it is an expression of Spirit, a session is very fluid and flexible and the present moment always prevails. In …

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Jun 19

The Meaning of Heart Awakening

Quote from the book:  ” Heart Awakening = Your Path to Unconditional Love  and Healing.” by Raoult Bertrand The Meaning of Heart Awakening As Heart Awakening evolved, it didn’t seem to fit into any traditional category of healing. Rather, many people experienced it as a bridge between conventional therapies and a true spiritual awakening. For …

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