Jul 25

Family and Relationship problems

Quote from the book: ” Heart awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and  Healing. ” By Raoult Bertrand

Family and relationship problems

Seen from the perspective of the heart, you were born into your particular family to learn key lessons most needed to fulfill your soul’s purpose. No matter how difficult or painful your family karma may be, the soul never makes a mistake. The family your soul chose in this life brings to consciousness the core issues you must resolve during this lifetime.

So intent is the soul on fulfilling its purpose, it leaves no stone unturned and every issue brought forward must be resolved. If family issues are not released, they will continue to be played out, endlessly, from one lifetime to another. However, once the family karma is completed, the soul is free to use the personality self as a vehicle to actualize, rather than undermine, the spiritual mission for your life.

Heart Awakening is the most powerful, rapid and effective method possible for the release and resolution of even the deepest and most convoluted family and relationship problems. ~Raoult

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