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Heart Awakening Sessions

“This has been an awesome experience, and I am appreciative for the blessings that have come to me.” A.J., Colorado

“Each session unfolds a breakthrough on one level or another and the person gets off the table in awe of their experience and the insights revealed to them and the love that is received.” J.M., Arizona

“People notice that I am more peaceful, my vibration has changed and I am more confident in relating my feelings. I have more courage to express what I am feeling.” B.S., Arizona

“This the most real, most effective means of healing I’ve ever encountered. Counseling feels so superficial in comparison.” M.M., Arizona

“It is the most powerful and effective form of healing I have experienced. The process goes deep and is permanent. I am convinced it is a very effective way for people to move through their issues because I have seen the positive changes in their lives as a result of Heart Awakening sessions.” F.P., Arizona

“I feel very grateful for the ability to open and allow the wisdom of the heart to flow. It’s all within – it is unbelievable – and yet so believable. I feel that I know so much, yet I’m just beginning. It’s quite a paradox.” T.B., New Hampshire

Heart Awakening School of Healing

“This school session was the most powerful one yet. Wow! The energy flow! I am so appreciative and grateful for your willingness to teach us and be there for us.” F.P., Arizona

“This school has given me self-confidence, inner peace, and trust in my inner knowing. It has taught me the difference between what is ego control and letting go and letting God.” B.S., Arizona

“The most outstanding change in myself is that I am able to recognize, acknowledge and accept my issues and I am willing to work through them until I come out on the other side. This means I experience greater and deeper unconditional love for my self and others. Before this course, I wasn’t even aware, or didn’t want to acknowledge, that I had any issues to work through!” F.P., Arizona

“I have grown more in the past year of this program, than at any other time in my life. I have received knowledge of how this will work into my professional life.” M.M., Arizona

“This is my personal “journey” home and to liberation. It is happening at a phenomenal rate.” T.B., New Hampshire

“As a result of this course, I have experienced the unconditional love of God and self which has made all the difference in the world to me, because now I see through the eyes of God. Being an expression of God’s unconditional love is the most important thing in my life.” F.P., Arizona

“This is an absolutely wonderful program that is designed to open the heart and restore unity with the Divine within our selves, aligning us with our gifts, talents and higher purpose.” T.B., Arizona

“My relationship to God continues to deepen daily – this course has accelerated that.” J.M., Arizona

“The biggest reason I came to the school was to heal myself. It has helped a great deal. It’s opened the door to many new and wonderful friends, and gave me a greater range of choices of how to work with the energy.” A.J., Colorado

“Heart Awakening has open many doors for me. It has allowed me to see and feel myself to be at one and to be at peace with the grace of God’s love. I can now see others in their true spirit, in the love, in the light It has allowed me to be fully awakened to receive all healing within my being in this lifetime and to know I am forever grateful to be a part of Heart Awakening and grateful for the knowledge I have been given so I may be available to another to share my gift.” C.R., California