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Heart Awakening Story

Search for Healing

The path to healing and wholeness often leads us on strange and wonderful journeys. Perhaps mine is worth sharing. I had been a successful entrepreneur most of my life, enjoying the freedom to travel. I was constantly exploring – hiking the Inca trails to Machu Pichu in the Andes, cruising down the Amazon, paddling dugout canoes and chasing lions on floating islands in the middle of Africa, blending in with the locals in Arabia, traveling across Europe, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Bali, China, the Seychelles and Hong Kong. I explored sacred sites all over the world, on a kind of global vision quest. This helped to rekindle the memory of my own connection with the Divine.

But suddenly I was confronted with an omen, a warning. Two people very close to me contracted cancer. I saw that I was on the same track of busyness without real purpose, and began to wonder where it was taking me. I was exhausted and empty inside so began searching for the love and peace I deeply craved. However, no matter what I did, there was still something missing.

Turning Point

My search led me to an unusually open, connected spiritual teacher with highly developed intuition. He had his own unique language, but gave me an experiential understanding of the spiritual. For the first time, things started making sense.

I went to a training class of his in Mexico. I was a wreck, burned out from the stresses of the entrepreneurial life. One day I was relaxing in a hot springs, when a light being appeared right in front of my eyes and said, “Follow your heart, and everything in the way of happiness, love, accomplishment and fulfillment will automatically follow.” I didn’t know what to say or do. I wondered afterwards if I hallucinated him, but he just stayed in my mind.

On the last day of the workshop, the healer who was conducting it lay down on the table without a word. I felt a powerful energy pulling me toward the table along with another person, and we found ourselves working in the healer’s aura. Something mystical was happening. Later, someone told me he saw a huge beam of light descending while we were working at the table, splitting in two just above our heads.

In a few minutes, the other person collapsed and had to be carried off. I continued. Here I was, working in this teacher’s aura, feeling like a total hoax. I couldn’t feel anything, and knew I couldn’t do anything, that I wasn’t anything. Inside, a voice was saying, “Raoult, who are you to be doing this? The reality is you’re stressed out, you’re unhealthy, you’re insecure, and your whole life has been based on stress. Who do you think you are to heal in love? Who do you think you are?

At that moment, I reached deep inside and came to a point of commitment. I knew I had to go forward, because where I had been before wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I simply said to myself, from the most sincere place I could find, “No matter what may have happened in the past or will happen in the future, I now commit fully and wholly to a life based on love instead of fear – no matter what the consequences. I will simply follow my heart.

In that instant, an intense vibration began pulsing at the base of my spinal column. A massive jolt of energy shot up my spine and throughout my body. It was a very intense experience, and all the while I was being flooded with entire memories of what I had come here to be – in my power, in my truth and fully conscious of my spiritual well-being. And I received the revelation that my heart was free to change my life completely.

I ended up in a most incredible state of bliss. Every circuit of my being was completely open. I could see energy all around people. I could see their auras, the colors. And I could feel the Divine energy of love and my relationship with the universe around me.

In this energy, I discovered a permanent joy and freedom that could make heaven on earth a living reality.


Everyone in their own way, whatever their healing modality, is learning to do Heart Awakening sessions. Spiritual wisdom cannot be open without the heart being opened first. So working with this form of healing will allow the unique expression of your healing skills to unfold as your connection with guidance grows.

After the workshop, I flew back to Miami. On the plane, the impact of the revelation began to dawn on me. I could see the Divinity within everything and everyone, but I could see that everyone else on the plane was totally dead to it. I had woken up out of a dream to find myself surrounded by people continually searching for this Divine perspective.

I knew there was only one thing to do with my life – follow my heart, my inner guidance. I was destined to wake up people and become aware of Divine love. That was the commitment I made.

Through years of inner guidance and outer practice with this priceless gift of heart-centered energy, I discovered the same energy I received could be awakened within others. I started doing healing sessions. I simply surrendered to the Divine energy and was shown what to do. Miraculous healings happened, but I had no idea how. I didn’t even know what the Holy Spirit was. I didn’t have the terminology, the language. I just knew that if I sat there and simply recognized the love already existing within a person, then his or her heart would be opened. Somehow the faith in that knowingness got transferred to other people.

Learning Process

Originally, I wanted to learn about unconditional love and find the inherent Divinity within all people and all things. I knew I didn’t know anything, but I wanted to learn. It’s the commitment to teach that made me teachable. Until I made that commitment to teach, I wasn’t really committed sufficiently to go through all the changes needed.

I found that if I surrendered, my Higher Self would take over and the Holy Spirit would flow through that connection. I just stepped out of the way and became a witness. There was a flow of words, of language, of communication that was coming from my Higher Self which rearranged my beliefs, my understanding, my knowledge, my perceptions. That’s how the Heart Awakening process evolved. And in the process, I was getting a massive re-orchestration of my energy fields, my own healing.

Most of what I know about healing has been learned from all the people who have come to the sessions, along with others who have been catalysts and teachers along the way. I’ve never gone into a session with any preconceived ideas or techniques. As I learned to stay in the moment, spirit taught me what I needed to know. If I needed a certain understanding, someone would come with that particular piece. Basically, guided by the Holy Spirit, through hundreds of Heart Awakening sessions, I learned to heal myself and others through love. I’m still going through the process, with plenty to learn.

Within each person who has come for a session, I have recognized and found a piece of myself. This has been a gift from Spirit, showing me what I needed to work on. By helping people with their problems, I was in effect helping myself in the same way. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, this was very confrontive. There was a continual reminder that this work cannot be done without handling and healing one’s own issues.


Eventually, the demand for sessions was greater than I could fulfill. I was traveling all over the country doing session after session. Then one day I lay down and gave myself a session and received the very clear message that it was time to start teaching others to do Heart Awakening.

The first week-long workshop was in April, 1992. I was going on pure blind faith (and ignorance), with total trust that Spirit would prevail.

It took a long time of observation and learning to put language to the process and discover how to teach it. The work has evolved into something that can be shared with anyone, so that others can come to learn and teach how to reach that deep heart-awakened state.


The week-long workshops became very powerful. In December 1993, there came a collective vision for a Heart Awakening Center, which led to the birth of the Heart Awakening Project Incorporated. We envisioned a place where people could come to learn about, experience and develop the gifts of Spirit.

From this, the School of Heart Awakening was opened in 1997, just ten years after my original experience and the commitment to make this work available to others. I had a deep desire that there be a place available for people to get back into their hearts and be trained to help others do the same. That’s what I wanted most for myself, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I knew I had to somehow provide this to the world. The School is proving to be the ideal form and format for expanding the work; a place where people can learn to do Heart Awakening and take it all over the world.

Planetary Transformation

The healing of one-person goes deep and wide. Not only one person is healed; the collective body is healed as well. Each Heart Awakening is healing one cell in the hologram as a representative of all other cells. With Heart Awakening we are bringing Divine awareness into the collective consciousness. This changes things profoundly. More and more, people are going to be snapping out of the dream. People are remembering who and what they are, and are finding they can live in peace within themselves. The availability of the Heart Awakening process will contribute to the acceleration of the vibration of this planet in a profound way.

One of the great gifts that has come out of the development of Heart Awakening is a teaching known as the Teacher’s Wheel. This teaching allows individuals who have reclaimed the presence of their inner Christ consciousness to co-create in teams of 13 in such a manner that the healing energies necessary for the fulfillment of the divine plan for global healing can be widely disseminated. This wheel forms a structural foundation for a person to direct their time and energies to the fulfillment of their divine purpose. It is truly one of the great gifts of our time.

Heart Awakening restores your connection with Divine guidance.