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Jul 15

Your own path to freedom

Quote:  Heart Awakening – You Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” By Raoult Bertrand Your own path to freedom. Once you discover your own path to freedom, once you rediscover your real Self, you will always have the power to focus on things that are true to your soul’s purpose. You’ll know that whatever you …

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Jul 14

You can be Free

Quote from the book: ” Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional love and Healing.” by  Raoult Bertrand You can be free Heart Awakening is the most powerful transformational experience I know. It is so rich, so inspiring, that it feeds the deepest needs of the soul’s desire for self-expression and liberation. It answers the …

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Jun 28

What is Heart Awakening?

Quote from the book;  “Heart Awakening- Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” by Raoult Bertrand   What is Heart Awakening? Behind every trapped, suppressed memory is a gift from Spirit, and that awareness far outweighs the benefits of holding on to the past. The purpose of Heart Awakening sessions is to help you awaken …

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May 31

The gift of heart awakening

Quote from the book:  ” Heart Awakening – Your path to unconditional love and healing ” – Raoult Bertrand The Gift of Heart Awakening Within the expression of Divine Love is a Divine plan for the restoration of peace on earth. This plan reveals itself everywhere we go, within everything we do, and within everyone …

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