Jun 09

The Gift of Heart Awakening

Quote from the book: ” Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” by Raoult Bertrand

The Gift of Heart Awakening

Over the years, I have done many Heart Awakening sessions. Each time I share the state of deep indwelling Divine Love with someone, I feel the incredible freedom and joy of their liberated soul and its longing to make up for all the time spent following the dictates of the outer mind. When the latent desires of the soul are released into waking consciousness, our intention to become all we can be is restored. For many of us, Heart Awakening is the key that takes us from not knowing, not caring, not being able, into tasting enough of the Divine nectar within ourselves to feel a thrust of energy and the motivation to live life to the fullest again. A taste of Love within is a reminder of the God force within, a reminder of the inner presence that makes life worth living. ~Raoult

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