Jun 11

My Spiritual Search

Quote from the Book: ” Heart  Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing – ” by Raoult Bertrand 

My Spiritual Search

I explored many popular healing modalities, and observed the gifts and limitations of each. I studied shamanic healing with a Native American Indian teacher, and then assimilated as much Buddhist, Christian, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge as I could handle. Out of the desire to improve the quality of my life I began doing private healing sessions based on intuitive counseling, breath work, and energy balancing. I was grateful for all I had learned from the other modalities, yet knew that my own true work involved strengthening my intuitive connection. What I was looking to create was a healing modality that would – in the simplest and most efficient way – allow the indwelling divine presence of each person to manifest. ~Raoult

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