Aug 01

The true journey

Quote from the book: ” Heart Awakening – Your path to Unconditional Love and Healing. “- by Raoult Bertrand

The true journey

Spirit can dissolve all of the differences in a relationship and leave you with nothing but the Love. The desire for its expression becomes greater than the desire for the differences.

When a healing is offered by Spirit, it is always received by the individual. Sometimes a person might want a Heart Awakening session around a particular issue, but for that to occur, something altogether different might need to happen first.

There are no shortcuts in the healing process. The energy always goes where it is needed most, even though the ego might think it should go somewhere else. Once the energy is aligned with truth, it has to be followed, and we never really know the destination because the true journey is in what the present moment offers. Sessions unravel what cannot exist in the higher truth. They reveal what has been forever and can never be disputed. ~Raoult

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