Jul 21

The Divine Child is completely free

Quote from the book:  ” Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing – by Raoult Bertrand.”

The divine child is completely free

Every child looks for love outside itself. For many of us, this is the core pain that can create so much confusion later in life. The love is within, yet so many children are taught that love can only be found outside of self. As a result they cannot distinguish between themselves and others. They grow up continually searching for ‘other’ love rather than self-love.

The divine child is completely free. It retains full conscious memory of its soul purpose, and does not want or lack anything. Most importantly, it expresses its true nature so well that language is superfluous.

The divine child doesn’t need love because it knows it is love. When you make the shift to rediscovering your divine child, the ego-based need to heal and love the wounded inner child is gone. The divine child already has and is pure love. When you become the divine child once more, all aspects of the wounded child are healed effortlessly. ~Raoult

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