Jul 29


Quote from the book:  ” Heart Awakening – Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” By  Raoult Bertrand


For most of us, the majority of our emotional issues come from interactions with parents or spouses or siblings. To receive the greatest benefit from a Heart Awakening session, it is important to be scrupulously honest about how you feel about yourself in relation to your family members. The energy work allows buried feelings to surface and be expressed until you are finally able to see and feel your key relationships from the perspective of Divine Love. At that moment, the letting go and forgiveness occur on all levels of consciousness: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. With your inner light, your inner love, and your inner power awakened, the liberation of the soul purpose becomes a physiological life transforming experience.

Through this process, family karma becomes a thing of the past. You are able to continue your journey through life with loving, nurturing relationships that reflect the acceptance of the oneness that unites us all. When a person loves him or herself enough, they automatically find love, peace and harmony in all their relationships. ~Raoult

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