Jul 11

What Heart Awakening Has to Offer you

Quote from the Book:  ” Heart awakening- Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing.” By Raoult Bertrand

What Heart Awakening has to offer you:

By laying the personality self and its judgments and expectations aside, you open up to the enormous potential of what Heart Awakening has to offer you.

It is important to accept what Spirit is offering – an unconditionally loving space to deepen the capacity to love yourself. You don’t have to believe in God or have a particular religion to receive the full benefits of a session. All you need is a basic willingness to express the truth of what you are feeling. As negative emotions are released, you gradually discover a deepening of your heart. All the spiritual wisdom you have heard takes on a practical meaning. As you feel the love within, you find yourself expressing its wisdom in your own unique way. Spirit is teaching you and the deeper you go, the more you accept yourself as totally divine and deserving of complete joy, freedom, fulfillment and peace. ~Raoult

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